• In the beginning, there was the chicken...

    In the beginning, there was the chicken...

    A bird with wings that couldn't fly. It didn't take us long to figure out what those wings were actually for.
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About the Flaming Chicken Wing Sauces

The Flaming Chicken proudly brings you a line of all-natural* wing sauces with extreme flavor. Our goal is to provide you with premium-quality wing sauces in a variety of styles to satisfying your craving for truly superior traditional wings as well as some new flavors that stray from the norm.

In 2009, husband-and-wife team Rick and Dawn sought out to create a line of unique, specialty wing sauces to compliment the everyday ‘Buffalo’ style sauces that are already out there. Rick explains, "We started with flavors that we personally would like to use and continued from there, basing new flavors on a combination of customer requests with our own personal tastes. We just hope people will love cooking with the sauces as much as we love creating them!"

*All sauces are classified as all-natural except for the Creamy Garlic Parmesan

The Flaming Chicken Wing Sauces

Chickens wear our sauce with pride. And the cows got jealous.

That's just what happens when you painstakingly develop wing sauces for maximum enjoyment by the chicken. That's also why we encourage you to try our sauces on beef, pork, and seafood as well. Don't let anybody feel left out.

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